About | Nutty Demolition


It's time to get explosive, with Nutty Demolition! Jump into the world of demolition and have fun with this all new puzzle adventure. Play story mode to earn nuts for every job you complete and spend those nuts to buy buildings, materials and explosives to play with in the unlimited sandbox!

Theres also hats, shirts and many more accessories to pick from. Use your newly purchase explosives to match up against friends and players around the world to compete in mini-games. 

Constant updates come out regularly with new levels, new adventures, new items in the shop, new locations and so much more just around the corner!

Nutty Demolition is completely free to play, and let's you choose what you pay for! There are 3 modes you can pick from: Free Play | Subscription | Forever Unlock. Download Nutty Demolition to explore how you choose to play, unlike any other mobile game!